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Over the last 30 years a host of new technologies have begun to change every industry, driving us into a new era of human existence. The companies who have been most able to tap into these new innovations have become the most highly valued companies in the world. They have created a new approach to corporate innovation. In “Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era,” Silicon Valley Insiders Matthew C. Le Merle and Alison Davis share the lessons they have learned from two decades of interaction with Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, as well as other leading companies. The best-selling authors describe this new approach so that every company can be ready as we enter the Fifth Era.

In this best-selling book, the co-authors of Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era reveal the lessons to be learned from the most innovative companies:

  • Introduction to the disruptive innovations that are changing the world around us

  • Understanding of how the most innovative companies are building enormous economic value by tapping into these innovations

  • Deep insights into the new corporate innovation approach that is needed to do so

  • Next steps for beginning to move your company towards this new approach


Co-Authors Alison Davis and Matthew C. Le Merle have launched their new best-selling book, Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era—Lessons from America’s Most Innovative Companies, available now on


Available at today! Best-Seller Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era by Alison Davis and Matthew C. Le Merle. The book describes lessons from the most innovative companies including Alphabet/Google,, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.


"The book is comprehensive providing societal and geopolitical perspectives as context for specific examples and suggestions for corporate leaders to drive innovation.”

Philipp Jung, Chief Strategy Officer HP

“This book contains a great selection of lessons learned by some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies. Learning how and why those lessons lead to successful innovation is the key – and this book is a front row seat.”

Dan'l Lewin, Corporate VP Technology/Civic Engagement Microsoft

"At Alphabet and Google, we work with companies of all sizes around the world. The desire to enable and capitalize on innovation is a unifying theme for all of them.  This book will help senior executives and board members lead their companies in this new era of faster change and innovation."

Allan Thygesen, President Americas Google
Lecturer Stanford Graduate School of Business

Author Quotes:

“We don’t believe it is a coincidence that the most valuable companies in the world are also the most innovative.”

Alison Davis

“Leaders drive their peers to take innovation seriously by their everyday demonstrations of passion for it.”

Alison Davis

“Not only can you not outsource innovation to others, but you also can’t fake it.”

Matthew C. Le Merle

“The most innovative companies are all driving innovation top-down.”

Alison Davis

“While the winners in economic value are the most innovative companies of the Fifth Era, the losers appear to be those that can’t keep up with the new strategies of their industries and competitors; they are laggards in innovation in one way or another.”

Matthew C. Le Merle

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